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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The danger of DNA testing: you might not be royalty

I mentioned earlier the value of DNA testing to family history research. It has fascinating possibilities, especially with regard to the deeper history of families back before records were kept.

But it has its drawbacks. If you're like the Guinness family of Irish brewing fame, your DNA testing might reveal that you've descended from peasant folk instead of the royal line that you thought. A new book written by Patrick Guinness, Arthur’s Round: The Life and Times of Brewing Legend Arthur Guinness, details the family's story, including recent discoveries about their history thanks to DNA testing. You can read more at Tim Agazio's Genealogy Reviews Online.

No worries for me to debunk any myths about royalty in the family. All that I've learned about the various branches of my family indicates that they were common people - tough, hearty, faith-filled, peasant-folk. I'm proud to be their descendant. After all, we can't all be royalty, can we Mr. Guinness?

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Tim said...


Thank you for the link! I found this an interesting story...I may even buy the book. I'm planning on submitting an entry to your next Carnival...if I can get some dedicated time over the next few days. Thanks again.

Tim Agazio
Genealogy Reviews Online


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