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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A limerick for the love of Ireland

With the knowledge that the Irish are born with a love of poetry (myself included) and that the Cowhey family has a connection to Limerick, how could I resist Terry Thornton's limerick-writing challenge?

Here's my little ditty. It's not the best poetry I've ever written, but it was fun to put together.

That Lisa, she never does tire;
Keeps writing for the love of Eire.
In case you've not seen
Her blog's Kelly green.
She's inspired by St. Brigid's fire.

Image of the shamrock courtesy of Karen's Whimsy.


Terry Thornton said...

Thanks, Lisa, for rhyming the challenge! And here is a reader poem for you to consider:

'Though the Shamrock leaf is small
The blarney there makes you recall
And you wish to stay so you stall ---
At Lisa's blog so green
'Bout Ireland to glean
Info about an ancestral hall. . .


Janice said...

Lisa of Small-Leafed is green in all places,
Because of the topic her blog site embraces.
Of leprechauns, shamrocks, and rich Irish laces
May the road rise to meet you is one of her wishes
You'd best do what she says, else she starts throwing her dishes
Just kidding! I don't want to fall out of this lady's good graces


Lisa said...

Thanks so much, Terry and Janice, for your poetical tributes to Small-leaved Shamrock and yours truly.

I loved reading your little Limericks about shamrocks, blarney, rich Irish laces and more.

May the road rise to meet you both always! Keep writing poetry - it's one of the best pursuits there is...


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