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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Families of Pennsylvania application - check!

My application consisted of eighty-three final pages, including sixty-five pages of documentation and a sixteen-page summary of the generations and sources I used to document them. All in all, I presented my research into six generations of my family spanning 174 years back to 1840 in Pennsylvania. Not bad for a spare-time genealogist!

It has been a joy to trace my roots in Pennsylvania and it will be an honor to see my ancestors included within the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania's official list of First Families of Pennsylvania within the designation "Keystone & Cornerstone: 1791-1865".

I always love to visit Pennsylvania, but it will be even more special to step onto the soil of the Keystone State once I receive word from GSP that my application was accepted and my family is enrolled within their list of First Families. This is one package that was sent to Philadelphia "from Texas with love", for sure!


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