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Friday, January 4, 2008

Less than three months and counting

I couldn't bring myself to share this with you the day after Christmas.

Not even New Year's Day.

But now I'm ready...

After beginning our Christmas shopping immediately after the Thanksgiving feast, it seemed like the holiday season's preparations had been going on forever.

Now, just when you thought you could rest, I have a new holiday for you to prepare for.

If you've been watching the ticker on the sidebar of Small-leaved Shamrock you know that we are less than three months away from that most Irish of all celebrations: St. Patrick's Day.

The Irish have a saying:
Ráithe ó Nollaig go Féile Phádraig

That Gaelic phrase refers to the three-month-long "season" between Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

You know what they say:

Téann an saol thart mar a bheadh eiteoga air
(Life goes by as if it had wings)

Do you have your green ready?
Image courtesy of It's a Party-ful Life!


Thomas MacEntee said...

Oh, I have my green ready, as you can see by my updated profile photo.

Actually that isn't me. It is my devious twin brother Paddy O'Furniture.

Barbara said...

Hi Lisa,
You bet !
My husband & I will be participating once again in the big St Pat's concert coming out of Paris.Lots of terrific music and afterwards, a huge dance until 2 a.m


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