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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saints preserve us! (and our Catholic genealogy, too)

This little girl dressed in her finery on First Communion day is here to make a special announcement.  She is hanging out over at a new blog and would love for you to come visit!

The Catholic Gene is a brand new project in the works dreamed up by one of my favorite genealogy bloggers: Donna Pointkouski of What's Past is Prologue.  The new blog will feature the writings of a chorus of Catholic genealogy bloggers who may already be familiar to you (including myself, pictured here on my First Communion day.)

If you have an interest in family history and (A) are a card-carrying Catholic or (B) have ancestors who were Catholic, do we have a treat for you!  Whether the season is one of feasting or fasting, we'll be serving up a bountiful harvest of articles designed to inspire you in your genealogical pursuits related to the Catholic faith.

If you feel moved by the Spirit, take a Sunday drive on over to The Catholic Gene and join us in celebrating the joys of the Catholic faith and Catholic genealogical records.  See you there!


Linda Gartz said...

I didn't grow up Catholic but grew up across from one of the biggest Catholic parishes in Chicago: St. Mel's and many friends were Catholic. I'd visit St Mel's (with a hanky on my head -- as I didn't have a hat!). They could come visit my church in those days, but Vatican II fixed a lot of that. I worked at Catholic TV in 1980--getting and my first piece for them was "Walk with me, God, Part III!" (love the "part III!) It was about the importance of sponsors for the confirmands. It was trial by fire but I learned so much about Catholocism--and tv production. Then produced a 1/2 hour doc called "Changing Habits" about the conflict between the Vatican and American nuns (for the 20th anniversary of Vatican II) It won an Emmy and got lots of press. Again--came to really admire those nuns and learned a lot about them! So I feel like I'm now an "honorary" catholic with all that immersion!

Kev Stevens said...

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